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Are Live Scan Hawthorne Services Changing The Face of Crime?

Did you know that muggings these days in the USA are down by 67% when compared with the late 90s? This is not because of Obama’s social spending, or Trump’s strong policies on crime. It is because back in the 90s a person carried paper money around in their wallets, and now they carry cards with pin numbers. It simply isn’t worth mugging people these days, especially when cash for gold companies have devalued second-hand jewelry down to its unit weight. A fundamental shift occurred that changed how crime worked, and it is quite possible that the Live Scan Hawthorn services are doing the same.

When Your Permanent Record Matters

Let’s face it, even in this day and age you can lie about your qualifications to a pretty large extent, and you will still get the job. Unless your qualification is depended upon by an insurance company, then nobody is going to check with your High Schools and colleges to check if you have the qualifications and grades you claim you have. If you are going for a job like a doctor, then the insurance companies will insist that due diligence is undertaken and your qualifications are checked, but in most cases, they are not. In fact, in many cases, they only call the college if you claim you attended an Ivy League college.

How Does This Relate to Live Scans and Crime?

People are a little more careful about hiding their criminal past these days, and the biggest reason for this is because of live scan services. It is now easier than ever to get details on somebody’s past. What’s more, you can learn more from live scans than immediate criminal history. You may also be able to poke holes in a person’s resume. For example, if they say they spent two years in a specialist school when they were in fact in prison during those periods of time, then it will show up when you cross-check their criminal past with what they have written on their resume.

live scan Hawthorne

Changing How Criminals Behave

The evolution and shift in crime go a little deeper than this too. For example, a common trick is to sign on for a seasonal job, usually with a warehouse company like Amazon, or a pop-up store. You then rob it blind by taking advantage of the company’s slow HR administration.

For example, even today, companies like Amazon will take on a massive number of staff during late October so that they have enough staff for the winter holiday rush. However, processing these people takes a long time, and even criminal records take a while to process. These days, it is quicker to pull up an employee’s credit rating than it is to pull up their criminal history. The trick is to get in there and rob the warehouse or pop up store for as much as possible before you are fired for lying about your criminal past. 

Thanks to live scan Hawthorne services, like those provided by Mona’s insurance, a company or business of any size can get quick criminal history results for a very fair price. Criminals are purposefully avoiding smaller businesses because live scan services make it too easy for small business owners to research the criminal history of potential employees before they are hired.

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