Let Our Notary in Hawthorne Help You

Let Our Notary in Hawthorne Help You

While you might not think about it that often, notary publics will end up helping you at some point or another. Although often ignored, notary publics are very important government officials that serve as certified witnesses at the time of signing important documents. Yes, having to visit a notary in Hawthorne might seem like yetRead More

high risk car insurance

Different Ways to Lower Your High-Risk Car Insurance

If your car has been in an accident or you’ve gotten tickets for specific infractions, you are probably familiar with high-risk car insurance. Because of specific circumstances, certain people have to pay for a higher insurance premium. If you find yourself paying for high-risk insurance, there are several ways to lower the cost.  Taking anRead More

aseguranza de auto

Cómo Conseguir una Póliza de Aseguranza de Auto Económica

Por más conveniente que sea tener un auto, todos sabemos lo costoso que puede ser. Aparte de comprar el vehículo, uno tiene que preocuparse por pagar por registros, gasolina, arreglos, estacionamiento, y sí, la aseguranza. Es casi suficiente como para convencerlo a uno de no comprar el carro en primer lugar. Aun así, aquí enRead More

The Secret to Finding Low Cost Auto Insurance and Saving Your Money

As convenient as having a car is, we all know at what expense it can actually come. Beyond actually buying the vehicle, you will need to concern yourself with paying for registration, gas, repairs, parking, and yes, insurance. It’s almost enough to discourage you from even getting a car in the first place. However, LosRead More

auto insurance

Low Risk Auto Insurance for “High Risk” Drivers

Just because someone says that you’re a “high risk driver,” that doesn’t mean you should be precluded from getting car insurance. We believe that anyone should be able to get car insurance and drive their car when they want. Here at Mona’s, we offer auto insurance for any car, any driver. You’ll notice we didn’tRead More