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Do I Really Need a Tax Help Center?

Is a Tax Help Center going to help you do your taxes? Yes, but will it do them for you? No. That is the biggest problem some people have with tax help centers at the moment. People are looking for others to take over their taxes, and a tax help center won’t do that. If you can afford it or run a successful business, then you could hire a tax accountant to do all of your taxes for you, but it will cost a fair amount of money.

Why Do I Need a Tax Help Center?

If you are willing to learn as much as you can about tax law, then you probably don’t need a tax help center. However, the US tax code is the biggest on the planet. Combining all tax codebooks, there are 2,652 pages. At 450 words per page, that puts the tax code at well over 1 million words. To compare, the King James Bible has 788,280 words, and War and Peace run 560,000 words. The US tax code is over 1 million words, the same as the Harry Potter series (stretched over 7 books).

Taxes Are Too Difficult

There is a reason why so many conservative groups want to switch to a flat tax system. It is not a way to protect the rich, it is a way to simplify the tax system. The fact is that tax law is now too bloated and too convoluted for any single group to understand. It has been proven that tax laws overlap in a way that makes them contradictory, and a simple flat tax system would be far easier than having to work through some of the most complex tax laws of any country.

Yet, the USA is not going to switch to a simplified or flat tax system any time soon because there are too many pressure groups asking for money. From farmers wanting their cut, to people wanting cuts for being discriminated against for their choice of gender. All the while, you are struggling to figure out your taxes because frankly, they are almost purposefully confusing. If you are in this position and you do not have the legal help of a team of accountants, then you probably do need a tax help center to help you do your taxes.

Getting a Tax Refund

If you are looking for a Tax Help center simply because you need help doing your taxes, then that is fair enough. The tax code is now so bloated that it has been proven that different adjusters can reach different tax-amount decisions and they are all just as valid. This means that tax laws have a lot of overlaps and leave a lot to be interpreted. So, if you are trying to make your way through your tax return and you need help, then go to a tax return help center. On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to get your tax refund as quickly as possible through IRS-approved methods, then try the services on offer with Mona’s Insurance.

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