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Getting Your Certificate of Insurance SR-22 in Los Angeles

You might have run into this issue when showing up to the DMV. You have your car insurance in order but then you find out you’re actually missing your SR-22 certificate of insurance. You might not have heard of this but then you suddenly need to get one. Don’t worry, though. Getting your SR-22 in Los Angeles is easier than it might seem.

What is an SR-22?

The SR-22 is a kind of vehicle insurance document that will be required by the Department of Motor Vehicles on certain occasions. This certificate of insurance is a kind of financial responsibility filing that will be necessary for certain drivers that will be considered high risk by the DMV under specific circumstances. If you are being asked for an SR-22 certificate of insurance, it’s because under the parameters of the Department of Motor Vehicles you are considered a high-risk driver. Unlike popular misconceptions, this is not an insurance policy in and of itself. This is going to be an added filing that has to be implemented in addition to your personal automobile liability insurance policy.

SR  in Los Angeles

Who Needs an SR-22 Certificate?

Now, if you are required to have an SR-22, it’s probably because you have been deemed a high-risk driver who’s had some sort of accident or incident that calls for it. The most common instances tend to be uninsured car accidents and convictions for a traffic-related offense. If you go through a car accident without insurance and then try to get an insurance plan, you are probably already going to be seen as a liability. On the other hand, traffic-related offenses, even if you did have insurance, will call for an SR-22. The most common reason for needing one of these is getting a DUI. If you received a DUI for driving under the influence, you will need an SR-22 certificate at the time of getting your liability insurance the next time.

Getting the Certificate of Insurance

This certificate of insurance is not provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles. You will have to get this filing along with your personal liability insurance. It’s important to know that not every insurance provider will issue SR-22 certificates of financial responsibility. Not every company wants to take on the liability of someone who is considered a high-risk driver. In some states, drivers even have the option to make a cash security deposit in lieu of an SR-22 certificate. In California, however, it’s a much better option to get an SR-22 certificate. Are you unsure of where to get it? Does your personal liability insurance provider not issue these certificates? At Mona’s Insurance, we’ve got you covered.

Get Your SR-22 in Los Angeles

Just like with any other insurance needs, Mona’s Insurance can help you out with your SR-22 in Los Angeles. This is just another certificate of insurance that we can easily provide you with. Are you looking to get your SR-22 certificate? Let us help! Give us a call at (866) 794-1990 and we’ll get you started on this process. That way, you’ll be back out on the road legally in no time.

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