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How Accidents Affect Cost of Auto Insurance in Inglewood CA

The issue of auto insurance in Inglewood CA and rates is a fairly complex one, so this article will take a scattershot approach to the many facets of car insurance and how accidents affect the rates you pay, and the rates other people pay. As a general rule, if you have lots of accidents and make claims, then your rates go up, and if other people have lots of accidents, your rates too may also go up.

Your Home Location and Where You Park Your Car

For starters, where you live and where you park your car will affect your car insurance rates. There are many sides to it, but it goes like this. If you live somewhere where lots of people have lots of money, then insurance companies charge you more because they figure you can afford it. If your area has a high crime rate, then that too will affect your car insurance rates. In places with high crime rates, they assume you will have accidents because of other people being nutty with their cars, and they also assume your car will be stolen at some point, so they increase your prices to compensate for their potential losses.

Having Accidents Yourself With Your Vehicle

If you have an accident with your car, then there is a good chance that your car insurance prices will go up a little. If you make a habit of having accidents, then your car insurance will climb. The more frequently you have accidents, then the higher your insurance prices will climb.

When Other People Have Accidents

There are several ways this works. For example, if everybody in the country had an accident today, then tomorrow, everybody’s insurance prices would go up. But, there are other ways in which people’s accidents increase your prices.

For example, these days, insurers cannot charge you more simply because you are a younger driver because it is classed as discrimination. However, they have found plenty of ways of charging newer and younger drivers extra, and part of it is to do with the number of accidents that younger people have.

The Type of Vehicle You Drive

Other people’s accidents affects your vehicle insurance costs. For example, if there is a car called the “Sparrow” and around 30% of Sparrow owners have accidents, then your insurance costs for your Sparrow will be sky high. On the other hand, if there was a car called the “Cheese,” and only 2% of cheese owners had accidents, then there is a good chance that the insurance you pay would be very low.

There are certain situations where this isn’t the case though. For example, if you own a Lamborghini, then your insurance prices will be very high, even though very few people actually ever have accidents in their Lamborghini. Still, if you owned a Lamborghini, then having higher auto insurance in Inglewood CA cost would probably not bother you.

Finding the Right Insurance for You

The truth is that insurance rates are still pretty unfair. If you want a good deal for your auto insurance in Inglewood CA, then get a quote from Mona’s Insurance. Getting the right amount of cover for a good price is the best you can hope for these days, and a good price is what Mona’s insurance offers.

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