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How Can Inglewood Live Scan Help My Business?

The idea that an Inglewood live scan can help your business may seem a little outlandish, almost like asking how a car towing service or a restaurant may help your business. But it is not the inherent qualities of a live scan service that makes it so useful, it is how you apply it to your business. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Scan Incoming Employees

Getting to know if your new employee has a criminal record is pretty useful, especially if they failed to mention any legal problems they have in their application. You can also find out if the person you are hiring is actually an undocumented immigrant. Claiming that you were unaware you were hiring an undocumented immigrant is not enough to avoid conviction. Plus, where hiring ex-criminals is fine if you know about all the convictions and arrests beforehand, the last thing you want to do is hire a wanted criminal. Scanning your incoming employees will help you avoid all of these criminal and immigration problems.

Scan Your Current Employees

The idea of scanning new employees may seem like a good idea because you don’t know anything about them from personal experience. Yet, you shouldn’t forget that you don’t really know your current team either. They may have picked up convictions while working for you and they may have hidden it from you expertly. You may be putting people who have been convicted of theft into the houses of your clients. Plus, if your staff know that you occasionally run live scan services, they may be more forthcoming if they do/have found themselves in legal trouble.

Set Up Licenses For Your Business

Perhaps you have pieces of equipment that may only be operated by people who are properly trained. Perhaps as part of your due diligence and health & safety, only trained people are allowed to do certain tasks. Maybe your insurance company insists on only certain people doing certain things. You can use a live scan service to set up create licensees. Once people are trained and tested, you may use a live scan service to create that person’s license with added fingerprint identification.

If you are looking to create an off-site security protocol where you do not want in-house users to have any influence over the results, then a live scan service may be the answer. They are the ones who have all the hardware and software, so there is no chance that somebody in your company can affect any of the results. Also, by using an off-site company, whatever they dig up is between you and them. You won’t have your other staff members looking over your shoulder at whatever results in the live scan produces.

Inglewood live scan

Find The Right Service For You

One of the most important factors in implementing a new fingerprint-related policy is finding the right service that suits you. As you know, Inglewood live scan is not a branch of the government. It is mostly privatized, which means the quality of service varies from one company to another. If you are looking for a professional service that can bend to whatever needs and requirements your company has, then get in touch with Mona’s Insurance today and discuss your needs. 


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