car insurance for high risk drivers

How to Get Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

If your car insurance quotes are stupidly high, then either you are using the quote tools incorrectly, or you are a high risk driver. Do a quick search and figure out if you are a high risk driver. If so, you are going to have to change your searching strategy and start looking specifically for car insurance for high risk drivers. Here are a few tips on how you go about doing so.

Ask Your Friends and Family

High risk drivers are pretty common, and it is likely you know people who have very good high-risk car insurance. Do you have high-risk driving friends that are your age? Do you know people who have endorsements on their license, or who drive very expensive or modified cars? You could probably save yourself a lot of searching by finding out which insurance companies your high-risk friends and family members use.

Drop All Extras and Choose a Higher Deductible

You can bring down the cost if you drop the extras from your policy, which you can add back on in a few years when you find it easier to get insurance. Also, your insurance company will consider you less of a risk if you have a higher deductible. Agreeing to a higher deductible. may make you an agreeable candidate for more car insurance companies.

Talk to an Insurance Agent Over the Phone

If you are having trouble getting a quote on the Internet, then start calling insurance companies and talking to a person. They may be able to swing things and make exceptions so that you can get insurance. Just make sure you are very clear upfront about you being a high risk driver because it is very annoying having to sit through 40 minutes of their questions, only to find out they will not insure you because you are a high risk driver.

Lower Your Quote in Other Ways

There is a threshold of risk that an insurance company is willing to take on. If you are a high risk driver, then try to sure up all other risk factors. For example, keep your car in a locked garage at night, have security features, trackers, and so forth. It helps lower the risk of you making a claim, which may make you a more appealing candidate to insurers. Are there any advanced driving courses you can take to prove that you are now a safer driver?

Agree to Pay the Premium Up Front

When you go looking on comparison websites, it is up to you to experiment a little to see what works and what doesn’t. Adjust the parameters, such as miles you intend to travel, or the way you want to pay the premium (upfront or monthly). Adjust them and run the searches again to see if more insurers pop up. Some companies are happier to take you on as a client if you agree to pay a whole year’s worth of insurance in advance.

car insurance for high risk drivers

Use a Specialist Insurance Company

In order to remain competitive, insurance companies have branched off into all sorts of different areas. There are some that only focus on technology insurance, others on recreational fishing boat insurance, and some focus on car insurance for high risk drivers. If you are classified as a high risk driver, then you need a specialist company like Mona’s Insurance in order to get insurance. 

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