best insurance companies in Los Angeles

How to Pick the Best Insurance Companies in Los Angeles

Picking between the best insurance companies in Los Angeles is pretty easy these days since most insurance companies are not that great. Many will not insure you unless you have a perfect record, others will happily take your money but offer little cover, and others will take your money and then use any excuse possible to avoid paying your claim. Avoid some of these less desirable companies with the tips shared in this article.

Ask Your Friends and Family

The first place you probably searched is probably comparison websites, but they are very easily exploitable. What you need are actual reviews of insurance companies from people who have no reason to lie to you. Ask people who insure them if they think they are getting a good deal. 

One of the great things about asking friends and family is that they are going to tear down any of the terrible services. You can easily compile a list of the worst services and some of the best, and then use it to narrow your search.

Use Comparison Websites For Eligibility Purposes

One of the problems with shopping for auto insurance is that many of the insurers are not going to offer you a policy, and many will not offer the sort of policy you are looking for. Now, this article isn’t suggesting you should rely on comparison websites because they are often fixed and are very easily manipulated by insurance companies. However, in order to expand your list of possible insurers, you can run a few searches. Try a few comparison websites and build up a shortlist of possible companies you can use.

Do Individual Research For Each Insurance Company

This can be very time-consuming, but if you are looking for a good deal, then you will have to put the work in. Check out the online quotes for each company. Do it from their websites and clear your internet cookies after each website. Do this because some insurance quotation tools will adjust their quote prices based on the websites you have already visited. For example, if you have already visited their more expansive competitors, they will offer you similar high prices.

best insurance companies in Los Angeles

Do Not Believe Positive Reviews

Let’s face it, we live in an era of click farms. Where even a tiny insurance company can pay for thousands of positive online reviews on every legitimate and paid website there is. What you need to look for are the negative reviews. If a company doesn’t have any, then they are probably very good at erasing them from the Internet.

Instead, look for negative reviews that complain about similar things. Some people are going to have a bad time with insurance companies, and their criticisms are valid but are not that important. However, if a company is accumulating very similar negative reviews, then you know there is a problem. For example, if one company keeps getting negative reviews about their very long call-on-hold waiting times, then they probably “do” have very long waiting times when you call them on the phone.

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