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How To Protect Your Notary Stamp

Since the notary Hawthorne Ca business is pretty robust, one would assume it is pretty easy to keep your notary stamp safe, but it is actually the opposite. There are a staggering number of notary stamps that go missing each year in California alone, and sometimes they are not simply misplaced.

Destroy Your Stamp When Your Notary Commission Ends

It seems odd that an article about keeping a notary stamp safe should first suggest you destroy it, but there are rules and guidelines to follow. Some states have very clear rules about how you dispose of or save your expired notary stamp, or your stamp that is no longer in use. If you fail to follow the guidelines, you could be held partially accountable for any fraud that takes place due to its use.

Attach Your Name and Address to Your Stamp

You would be stunned how many times the police find stolen goods, and they find notary stamps with no idea who they belong to. Even with that said, there are plenty of ways your notary stamp may go missing to where having your name and contact details on it would help. From the people who accidentally misplace their stamp during a fire drill, to those who leave their stamp with a client.

Do Not Delegate Your Notary Duties

The two tops ways that people lose their notary stamps is firstly by leaving them with their employer (or perhaps clients if self employed), and through delegating notary duties to another person. The moment you put your notary stamp in another person’s hands, you are dramatically increasing the risks of losing it. What if that person decides to skip off to Mexico, or what if that person drops it in a public lavatory. As with most notary in Hawthorne CA services, each notary should have a stamp and commission of his or her own.

Putting Your Stamp Somewhere Secure

Even if you do not fancy locking it up in your safe, put it somewhere out of sight. The people who put their stamp on their filing cabinet, or give it a certain place on their desk, they are making it an attractive nuisance. Everybody from the cleaner to the secretary will consider stealing it for a few moments, notarizing a few things, and then bringing it back. To avoid trouble, you probably should store it somewhere under lock and key. But, at the very least, leave it out of sight so it doesn’t become a temptation to other people.

Final Thought – Planning and Protection

If you operate with a fair amount of consideration and planning, if you take every care and precaution, then your notary in Hawthorne CA will probably never suffer the loss of a stamp. However, you cannot be sure of anything, especially if you fall victim to the criminal mind. That is why you should strongly consider getting a quote for notary insurance from Mona’s Insurance. It protects you against the sorts of financial trouble that comes from losing your notary stamp, or having it stolen by some fool with thoughts of big-time fraud.


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