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How Would I Use a Car Notary Near Me?

If you were looking for a car notary near me, it is probably because you want to get your car title notarized. You want to prove that the car is yours, so you are looking for a notary. The first step is to find a legitimate notary. If you do that, then your task is halfway to completion.

Your Car Title

When you buy a new, secondhand, or used car, you get a lot of documents. One of those documents will be the title. You can have the document notarized so that in the future, it is hard for somebody to claim you stole their car and its title. Also, there are some insurance companies that may ask that your car title is notarized. When you buy the car, you really want the title to help prove it is yours; this is especially true if somebody has a crash in the car when it is out of your control, you can prove that you own it and that the other person didn’t have permission to go driving it.

Do You Need a Title Notarized?

There are several circumstances where you need your car title notarized. This is especially true if you need the title to be recognized by a court of law. Doing this means signing the title of the vehicle in the presence of a legitimate notary public. A notary helps prove that the person signing the document is the person they say they are, which means you will have to prove your identity and maybe even that of the seller too. 

The notary should also help you understand the implications of signing the document but isn’t really supposed to offer you advice on signing the document. Once you are all done, the notary will notarize your title to show that the vehicle title is true and valid, and in your name.

If your car or vehicle is to have more than one owner, then all people involved will need to be present when the title is signed. It is always best to do your research beforehand, and to also find out if you even need to notarize your car’s title because sometimes you don’t need to do it at all.

car notary near me

How To Notarize a Car Title

You can find a physical notary at a local post office, a bank, a local law firm or with a company like   Mona’s Insurance. Once you find your car notary near me, you will probably have to arrange an appointment. This can be tricky if you are deciding to buy a second-hand car in the moment without much planning. Nevertheless, you need the document (title) and some way to prove your identity. In most cases, you are going to need the seller there with you if you are doing some sort of transfer or sale. You sign the document in front of the notary, they do their paperwork, and you are on your way. If you are looking for a good notary public, then Mona’s Insurance is a good place to start because they can offer you a slew of other services and a bit of advice on how you get your new title notarized for your new vehicle.

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