live scan Hawthorne

What is Hawthorne Live Scan and What Do I Need it For?

You may have heard a social media mention, or seen a hashtag for live scan Hawthorne, and you wonder what it means. In most cases, it is a live scan fingerprint service, and many locations also offer a traditional ink card fingerprinting service too. It is a service where you may use somebody’s fingerprint to identify them and run background checks.

live scan Hawthorne

Why Do People Want Live Scan Services?

There are many reasons why people and companies want to live scans. The most common are for background checks. Many small to medium companies ask for live scanning when they take on new employees, but there are many private citizens that use the service too. For example, if you are hiring a nanny or even a part-time babysitter, then you may want to run a background check to see if there is anything your new employee is hiding.

Some companies ask for a live scan Hawthorne service when they take on new employees, but sometimes a volunteering position requires a background check too. For example, if a volunteer is going to work with vulnerable people, then a background check may be necessary.

Understanding a Person’s True Identity

What with the massive influx of undocumented workers that appear every year, it is very important to figure out who is allowed to work and who is not. There is obviously a moral side to the argument where it is wrong to hire undocumented people when there are documented people unable to find work and who are paying taxes. Then there is a legal issue since you as an employer may be fined and even prosecuted for hiring undocumented workers.

There are also times when people take on other identities. Sometimes it is to avoid the stigma that comes with serving prison sentences, and other times it is because certain names have a better reputation. For example, some people pretend to be published authors so they may more easily find jobs and/or financing. Using a live scan service, you can stop this sort of fraud before it touches you, your family, or your business.

Permits, Certifications, and/or Licensing

Some people use a live scan Hawthorne service in order to offer permits, certifications, and/or licensing. Certain “In-Home Support Services” also use live scan services, as do ink card users, and people who deal with immigration issues. There are many reasons why people use live scan services, and it is not just limited to business. Private citizens often use live scan services too.

Where to Find Live Scan Services

You need to find a live scan service that uses modern technology, and that is connected to the national criminal database. You also need a service that uses up-to-date records because the use of old information is often how criminals are able to slip the net and get away from pending charges.


There are probably several in your area if you live in a big city. A company like Mona’s Insurance offers a variety of live scan services, all of which are linked to national criminal databases. If you want a reliable service that is up-to-date, then contact Mona’s Insurance.


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