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Low Risk Auto Insurance for “High Risk” Drivers

Just because someone says that you’re a “high risk driver,” that doesn’t mean you should be precluded from getting car insurance. We believe that anyone should be able to get car insurance and drive their car when they want. Here at Mona’s, we offer auto insurance for any car, any driver. You’ll notice we didn’t say “insurance for some cars and some drivers,” or “insurance for low to medium risk drivers.” No, here at Mona’s we offer insurance for any driver of any car, guaranteed. 

Auto Insurance to Meet Your Needs 

We know that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to car insurance. Some might need to get as much covered as possible. They might need all of the physical damage coverage such as fire, theft, vandalism and more. On the other hand, some may just need the absolutely bare minimum of insurance. We offer liability insurance, which is required by law pretty much anywhere you are. When you contact us, we’ll sit down with you to figure out what kind of insurance you need, and then sell you only exactly what you need. 

auto insurance

Good Driver Discounts (and More) for High Risk Drivers

When you’re a so-called “high risk driver,” it can take a real toll on your life. You have to get to work, you have to be able to provide for you and yours – you need to have a real life. A major part of all of that is being able to drive your car. That’s why we not only offer insurance to all of these drivers who have been classified as “high risk,” but we also make sure that folks can get coverage immediately. Again, the last word in the prior sentence was “immediately” – it was not “in a while,” “soon,” or “as quickly as possible.” In many cases, we’ll be able to get our clients coverage immediately. “Good Driver” discounts are available as well. So, that way, anyone can reap the rewards of driving well. 

No Prior Insurance? No Problem 

Here at Mona’s, we understand that things happen. Not everything goes exactly in the manner that we might have hoped. One thing we strongly believe in: second chances. On top of that, we believe in first chances, too. That’s just one of the reasons that we offer insurance for those that have had no insurance previously. Whether you’re classified as “high risk,” or if you’ve never actually had car insurance before, we can put together a coverage package just for you. 

Beyond Car Insurance: Auto Registration, Too 

We’re quite proud of the car insurance services that we offer. However, that’s not all that we can provide to make it easier to take care of your car. We have auto registration services as well. You can now take care of all of your registration needs, whether it’s renewal, transfer of ownership, or other services all without having to wait in a long line. For everything that we offer, head to our site or call (310) 237-6700.

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