Live Scan

Officially recognized Finger Printing service required for certain businesses. Live Scan is authorized by California statute, the DOJ has processed State of California and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint-based background checks for scan hawthorne

What is Live Scan for?

From the department of Justice website:
“The California Department of Justice (DOJ) is mandated to maintain the statewide criminal record repository for the State of California. In this capacity, sheriff, police and probation departments, district attorney offices, and courts submit arrest and corresponding disposition information. The DOJ uses this information to compile records of arrest and prosecution, known as “RAP sheets,” for individuals and disseminates the information for law enforcement and regulatory (employment and licensing) purposes. RAP sheets are based upon fingerprint submissions, and therefore positively identified biometrically; a process by which a person’s unique identity is confirmed.”

Mona’s Auto Insurance Services is a Certified FBI Channeling Agency

Mona’s Auto Insurance Services, Inc office provide multi-agency interactions with live scan fingerprinting submissions to the California Department of Justice (DOJ)

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