Should a Notary Public Have Errors and Omissions Insurance?

If medical practitioners get special malpractice insurance, and crane drivers have their own insurance, how come there are notary publics out there without errors and omissions insurance? Nobody is perfect, which is fine because nobody should expect perfection, but on the same note, you shouldn’t ignore the chances that you will make mistakes. If you are a notary public, you need notary public insurance, and you need errors and omissions insurance.

What is Errors and Omissions Insurance All About?

It is what it sounds like. If there is a mistake made, then this insurance may help protect you from the costs of lawsuits. Your errors may be small, but that doesn’t matter because even a tiny mistake can have very large legal consequences.

If you do not have errors and omissions insurance, then you are going to have to pay to defend yourself when you are sued for your mistake. You may also be forced to pay the legal fees of the other side too if they win.

In several ways, errors and omissions insurance is the Notary Public’s version of liability protection. It means that if clients sue, they are not suing for money out of the notary’s pocket, they are suing the company that offered errors and omissions insurance through their notary public insurance. The truth is that notaries deal with a lot of paperwork, and something is bound to go wrong through force of sheer numbers, so it is a good idea to have  errors and omissions insurance.

Bonding is Not the Same

As a notary, you do not have public liability insurance through bonding. A bond has a limit, and since a notary may have to pay back a massive amount, it is crippling to think that the bond may not cover what is needed, meaning the notary has to pay even more.

A surety bond for Notary Public services will cover any damage to clients that claims financial remuneration that comes from a Notary Public. This is especially true when there is proof of misconduct or negligence. However, there is still a strong chance that the notary will be out of pocket if he or she doesn’t have  errors and omissions insurance.

Are You Looking for a Better Insurance Deal?

Get another layer of protection where you need it the most. You may have your bond and your public insurance, but you need  errors and omissions insurance. Your notary job puts you up against a lot more risk than you realize. Your only options are to charge extra to create a monetary buffer in your savings account against the risk of being sued. Or, you can have notary public insurance,  errors and omissions insurance, and your bond. It is the best and safest way to operate.

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