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Simple Tips to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Los Angeles

We are all looking for cheap car insurance, but it is getting more difficult to find because the insurance companies are “getting wise” to the most common tricks. They know that we all use comparison websites, so they are exploiting comparison websites to make their services more expensive while looking cheap. They know we are all reading articles on how to get cheaper car insurance, so they are actively working to undo what you read online. Here are a few tips on how to get cheaper car insurance.

Pick Your Insurance Before Your Car

The best way to find cheap car insurance LA is to actually look for car insurance before you buy your car. When you are looking for cars, take a look at comparison websites and see how much your car insurance is going to cost. In most cases, this avoids you paying the highest prices, and helps you find cheap car insurance in LA.

Pay Annually Rather Than Monthly

Most people cannot afford to pay their car insurance in one big chunk, but there is a way around this. All you do, is you pay your full amount with a credit card, and then you repay the credit card monthly until your balance is paid off at the end of the month. If you do the math correctly and pay slightly more during the early months, then the interest you pay on the credit card is far less than the money you would have paid extra for paying your car insurance monthly. It seems counter-intuitive, but if you do the math right, you can get cheap car insurance in LA by paying annually with your credit card.

Getting the Facts Right

You have to keep an eye on car insurance trends. Each of the car insurance companies feeds off each in their constant struggle to draw the most customers and soak up the most profits. As a result, trend-based patterns emerge. Here are just a few of them:

  • Third-party, fire and theft is 53% more expensive than your average comprehensive cover.
  • Save up to 30% on insurance by parking in the street rather than a garage.
  • Decreasing voluntary excess can make your premium 25% cheaper.
  • Additional driving qualifications can make your insurance more expensive.

These sound counter-intuitive because they are trends, they are not based on reason. For example, most people increase their deductible (voluntary excess) in order to save money, so to counter this, insurance companies have started punishing people for having a higher excess, which is why it is often cheaper to have a lower excess. Again, it makes no sense, but that is because it is a trend born from competition and market movement.

If you are curious about if these trends are still running, then use comparison websites and change your entries each time. For example, enter one with a large excess, and then run another search with a smaller excess, and see how the price of your policy changes.

The Fact Is….

In reality, if you want cheaper car insurance, then you need to opt for a car insurance company that puts its customers first. You need a company that concentrates on reducing prices over inflating profits, and that is what Mona’s Insurance does. By putting customers first, Mona’s Insurance has a fantastic name in the industry, which means less is spent on marketing, and those savings are passed on down to you. 

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