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Tactics Car Insurance Companies Use to Hoodwink Car Accident Victims

When people are looking for car insurance companies in Los Angeles California, they are thinking about prices, coverage, and just how likely the insurance company is to pay up if something goes wrong. People want a good deal and a good company. What people forget is that many car insurance companies make a lot of money through trickery and making it seem like they are offering more than they actually are. You have to remember that most people have no idea their company is a poor quality one until they actually have to make a claim and discover they had very little protection at all. To help you decide on the car insurance company for you, here are a few tactics that some of the worst car insurance companies use.

They Try to Make You Think They Are On Your Side

Even if you are hit by another driver, uninsured or not, you have to remember that your insurance company is not your friend, they are trying to save as much money as possible. Their representative, assessor or inspector will speak in a way, and will use phrases, that make you believe they are only trying to help. They often refer to how they want to wrap things up quickly and get you sorted as quickly as possible. You need to remember that they are looking for any way to avoid paying, and often the reasons  they use are the ones they coax from you while your guard is down.

They Want You To Make a Statement Right Away

Getting you to say something damaging to your case is far easier if the accident just happened. After a while, you have time to think about what happened and how your claim may be declined. However, if they catch you pretty quickly, they can get your first hasty comments and can often find a way to deny your claim. If you are talking to a representative, and they ask you to make a statement right away, simply say that you need to finish speaking with the police before you make your statement, and/or that you are scheduled for consultation with your lawyer and will happily make a statement after you have spoken to the lawyer. Remember that the insurance company wants you to make a quick and hasty statement, but you do not have to in order to successfully file a claim.

Your Social Media Will Be Checked

Car insurance companies in Los Angeles California are going to check your social media accounts to see if they can deny your claim. For example, if you claim that you didn’t know the other person who hit you, but they see you are on that person’s social media profile in some of the group pictures, then your claim will be denied. There are also the more obvious and silly claim denials that occur, such as when people claim they have whiplash, and their social media account shows recent photos of them dancing in a club.

They Will Convince You Not To Seek External Legal Advice

The last thing the insurance adjuster wants you to do is seek legal help because they know your claim will probably go up, and you will probably get a lot more out of the insurance company. The insurance company may push you to wrap things up early, so you do not have time to consult a lawyer. Other times, they tell you to make statements quickly and if you don’t, then they make it seem like they will deny your claim. They may state that you refused to give a statement, and that refusing to give a statement will result in you losing your claim. Do not believe their lies and seek legal help if you think you need it.

Getting it Right the First Time

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