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What are the Different Types of Auto Insurance?

Over 200 million drivers in the United States are insured. However, recent research finds that more than 12 percent of American drivers are on the road without insurance coverage. This is both dangerous and illegal. You must carry at least liability insurance on any vehicle you drive. Driving without insurance can be very costly ifRead More

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How Accidents Affect Cost of Auto Insurance in Inglewood CA

The issue of auto insurance in Inglewood CA and rates is a fairly complex one, so this article will take a scattershot approach to the many facets of car insurance and how accidents affect the rates you pay, and the rates other people pay. As a general rule, if you have lots of accidents andRead More

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Tactics Car Insurance Companies Use to Hoodwink Car Accident Victims

When people are looking for car insurance companies in Los Angeles California, they are thinking about prices, coverage, and just how likely the insurance company is to pay up if something goes wrong. People want a good deal and a good company. What people forget is that many car insurance companies make a lot ofRead More

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Simple Tips to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Los Angeles

We are all looking for cheap car insurance, but it is getting more difficult to find because the insurance companies are “getting wise” to the most common tricks. They know that we all use comparison websites, so they are exploiting comparison websites to make their services more expensive while looking cheap. They know we areRead More

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Free Quotes When You Need to Renew Your Auto Insurance

Driving without auto insurance is illegal and you’ll face some hefty fines and consequences if you’re caught without the proper coverage for your vehicle. Here at Mona’s Auto Insurance Services, we can help you find the policy that best suits your needs. When it’s time to renew your auto insurance, you may wonder if youRead More

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How to Find Cheap Auto Insurance in Los Angeles

Cheap auto insurance in Los Angeles isn’t out of reach. In fact, you can find affordable rates at Mona’s Auto Insurance Services that meet your needs, no matter what they are. You must have your vehicle covered by insurance and it’s not legal to drive without the proper coverage. However, you may be worried aboutRead More