car insurance for high risk drivers

Why is Car Insurance For High Risk Drivers So Expensive?

Modern car insurance for high risk drivers is often so expensive because the bigger companies charge a massive amount, and the smaller companies that would offer you fair prices are so difficult to find. It is all about exposure to the smaller and fairer auto insurance companies. Larger Companies Dominate The Marketing Platforms A largeRead More

Inglewood car insurance

Should I Choose Local Inglewood Car Insurance or Choose a National Company?

Is there any benefit to using local Inglewood car insurance rather than a national company? Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that you can probably visit a local office. This is good if you want to hash out a few details, if bigger companies have been denying your applications unfairly, and if you want toRead More

car insurance for high risk drivers

How to Get Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

If your car insurance quotes are stupidly high, then either you are using the quote tools incorrectly, or you are a high risk driver. Do a quick search and figure out if you are a high risk driver. If so, you are going to have to change your searching strategy and start looking specifically forRead More

Inglewood Car Insurance

Why is Inglewood Car Insurance So Expensive?

Wait a moment, is Inglewood car insurance all that expensive? Have I been paying more for insurance than other people? Is there some sort of loophole or reason as to why my insurance is higher than other peoples’ insurance? In truth, the people of California are paying far more than most other states. The stateRead More

car insurance company in Los Angeles

How to Find a Car Insurance Company in Los Angeles

Finding a car insurance company in Los Angeles is pretty easy since they litter the streets like autumn leaves, but that isn’t the point that bothers most people. The problem is that car insurance companies rise and fall so quickly in LA that it is tough to know which are reliable and which are not.Read More

car insurance companies in Los Angeles CA

The Role of an Appraiser Appointed by Car Insurance Companies in LA

All car insurance companies in Los Angeles CA have to have an appraisal procedure written into their policy contracts. By law, the procedure must be laid out as just one method for proving that the process is fair. It isn’t transparent, but it must at least set out rules that appraisers have to work by.Read More

car insurance in Inglewood CA

Understanding How Blame Affects Car Insurance in Inglewood

California has the loosest laws in the developed world. There are tiny microstates in Europe with only three people in their parliaments that have stricter and more policed laws than those seen in California. So, it is fair to assume that California is a no-fault car insurance state. There is a common misunderstanding in CaliforniaRead More

low cost auto insurance in Los Angeles

3 Ways for Young Adults to Get Low Cost Auto Insurance in Los Angeles

Most people are looking for low cost auto insurance in Los Angeles. While it’s true that car insurance tends to be more expensive for younger drivers, you don’t have to pay more than you’re comfortable with. That’s when it’s time to call Mona’s Auto Insurance Services. We can help you get the right policy atRead More