General Liability Insurance

Things About General Liability Insurance You Probably Don’t Know

Modern general liability insurance is the umbrella term for insuring your business against “Bad stuff.” Your business has its own variety of hazards, dangers, threats, etc., and with general liability insurance, you are able to insure your business against bigger losses. It can probably be most likened to home contents insurance, but that is aRead More

general liability insurance

General Liability Insurance Offers Protection That Doesn’t Cover Everything

It is very likely that if you are looking to run a business, then you legally need general liability insurance in order to do so. It isn’t a universal law, but in most cases, if the general public visits your location, then you need this type of insurance. However, keep in mind that this isn’tRead More

general liability insurance

What General Liability Insurance Does Not Cover

If you are starting a business, if you own a business, or you need insurance for your enterprise because you are often hosting to strangers, then you need general liability insurance. If you run a business, you may use this type of insurance to cover medical expenses, attorney fees, and damages you are legally responsibleRead More