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The Role of an Appraiser Appointed by Car Insurance Companies in LA

All car insurance companies in Los Angeles CA have to have an appraisal procedure written into their policy contracts. By law, the procedure must be laid out as just one method for proving that the process is fair. It isn’t transparent, but it must at least set out rules that appraisers have to work by. It is the same as setting goal posts for football games in that you may change the rules of football to include spiked baseball bats, but the goal posts and the fact you need to get a ball through them is unchangeable. Your appraiser has to follow the rules set out by the appraisal procedure.

The Role of an Appraiser’s Role is Not Transparent

As hinted at in the introduction, the rules are laid out, but since 2001, they do not have to be clear and/or comprehensive. As defined by which legal battles have been won and lost, it is now considered true that, “Appraisers should determine the amount of damage resulting to various items submitted for their consideration.”

Just be aware that your appraiser has far less power that he or she thinks. In fact, there is a long history of appraisers having their actions and/or decisions overturned in court. Keep this in mind if your appraiser is trying to talk you into accepting a lower payment for your claim.

What an Appraiser Shouldn’t Be Doing

The appraiser is out to try to deny your claim and/or to ensure you get as little money as possible. The appraiser is not your enemy, but neither is he or she your friend. When appraisers are trained, they are told to look for any reasons to help deny your claim, but they have to do it without lying too much. For example, they cannot pretend that obvious damage to your car is not there. Some of the worst car insurance companies in Los Angeles CA will pretend that damage is not as bad as it  really is, but if you have the photos and other evidence, then you can fight them in court.

What your appraiser “Shouldn’t” be doing is trying to resolve the question of coverage. Whether you are covered for the damage has nothing to do with the appraiser.

Your appraiser “Shouldn’t” be trying to interpret “Your” policy. It is not the appraisers function to interpret provisions in the policy. They shouldn’t be the ones stating how much money you get, or how much is needed to fix the car and/or compensate you.

The appraiser they send shouldn’t be trying to figure out if you have coverage for the damage that is caused. They may try to make you think they have more power than they actually do because they want to fool you into taking a lower payment. But, remember that appraisers cannot determine the cause of loss, or whether there is coverage.

Finding Fair Car Insurance is Tough

Let’s be honest, in the modern insurance landscape, the focus is really on the insurer and not the customers. The fact is that people are forced to pay insurance, especially for car insurance companies in Los Angeles CA, and we live in an age where the consumer comes last. That is why it is good to see that companies like Mona’s Insurance are still doing their best to put the customer first. Get in touch for a fair and reasonably priced quote for your car insurance.

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