General Liability Insurance

Things About General Liability Insurance You Probably Don’t Know

Modern general liability insurance is the umbrella term for insuring your business against “Bad stuff.” Your business has its own variety of hazards, dangers, threats, etc., and with general liability insurance, you are able to insure your business against bigger losses. It can probably be most likened to home contents insurance, but that is a bit of an unfair comparison. Here are a few things you probably don’t know about general liability insurance.

General And Public Liability Insurance Isn’t Always a Legal Requirement

In some states, in some countries, and for some businesses, you are legally required to have public and/or general liability insurance if you want to operate your business. However, this isn’t the case in all places and for all businesses. In fact, you can run a business without these types of insurance, and though you will save some money, you are putting yourself and your business at a massive risk. The only type of insurance that is legally required for almost every business is the employer’s liability, but that is only if you have employees. 

There is Bloggers General Liability Insurance

Yes, you read that correctly, there is general liability insurance for people who write blogs. They can be insured for all sorts of things, from errors in their writing to losing their blog to hackers. Considering that blogs are not big money-earners, it is a little surprising to learn that some people are insuring their blogs.

Asking “What is General Liability Insurance” is in Google’s Top Three

People ask Google what certain types of insurance are, and Google keeps a record of which are the most popular search phrases. According to their Google Ads business tools, “What is General Liability Insurance” is the third top three insurance query under “What is car comprehensive insurance?” and “What is GAP insurance?” Subsequent searches are often about if general liability insurance will cover broken machinery. 

It Does Not Cover Your Financial Obligations

Perhaps a general misunderstanding about general liability insurance is why so many people are Googling it. If you run a business where you make cardboard shoes, and the fire alarm sprinklers ruin your stock, and all your scissors rust up and you kick a hole in your wood cabinets, then your general liability insurance can probably help. It may help if somebody slips on your floors after they broke in because they thought they smelled natural gas. But, it won’t help pay your employees, your debts, or your medical bills for injuries or property damage if your place floods and your walls fall down.

General Liability Insurance

A Customized Quote is Far Cheaper

Don’t let the bigger insurance companies blind you with their blanket statements and their supposedly low quotes. The fact is that if an insurer takes the time to create a customized quote, then general liability insurance always turns out fairer priced. If you are looking for a quote that offers better value for your business specifically, then get in touch with Mona’s Insurance and get a quote that is specifically built for your business.

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