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Understanding How Blame Affects Car Insurance in Inglewood

California has the loosest laws in the developed world. There are tiny microstates in Europe with only three people in their parliaments that have stricter and more policed laws than those seen in California. So, it is fair to assume that California is a no-fault car insurance state. There is a common misunderstanding in California where people think that if they hit somebody else’s car, then each insurance company pays for each person’s damages, but that is not the case. If you hit somebody else’s car, then your car insurance in Inglewood CA will pay their damages.

Car Insurance Companies That Don’t Pay Enough

Another reason why many people think that California is a no-fault state is because car insurance companies seem to pay out very little when compared to other states. For example, if you hit another person’s car, your insurance company is going to pay the bare minimum required. The person you hit probably won’t get a respray or a new bumper. In many cases, they probably will have to go begging to their own car insurance company to help fix up their car.

However, there is another way that people with car insurance in Inglewood CA are able to recoup their money. They may be able to sue you for the rest of the money they need. For example, let’s say you hit somebody’s new car. Your insurance coughs up a little bit of money, but the person you hit is not happy with the scrappy replacement car that your insurance company paid out for. In that case, the person you hit may sue to for enough money to get a new car (like the one he/she had before you hit it).

The People Who Sue Will Often Win

The reason why the people who sue often win is that “Most People Don’t Sue!” In almost every case, when people in California are hit by another person, they take whatever the insurance companies will pay up and that is all they take. Most people do not sue the person who hit them because it is just not worth the money you get in return. After having days off work to appear in court, and after paying lawyers and such, the money being won is tiny.

This means that the people who sue are often people who have very expensive cars. It is not worth taking somebody to court if you are not trying to replace a very expensive car. In these cases, the people doing the suing can afford days off work and they can afford lawyers, and as a result, they often win. Still, with that said, so few people actually sue that you are probably safe (unless you hit somebody’s Lamborghini).

What if You Are Not To Blame

The problem with being innocent in the matter is if your car insurance is going to pay or not. The old saying goes, “Nice guys finish last.” Well, it turns out that nice people often finish first, but that doesn’t mean that innocent people always get a fair deal. The key to your success when getting car insurance in Inglewood CA is to find an insurer that will “Actually” pay when you have an accident and when you are the innocent party. That is why you should get a quote from Mona’s Insurance, so that if there is an accident, at least you know you are going to have your claim paid.

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