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Weird Driving Laws From Around The World

It is always fun learning about different driving laws from around the world because there is always something nutty that would have never happened in your country. Take a look at this short list and have a smile at some of the things other drivers are allowed to do in other countries, and what they are not allowed to do.

Having a Drink Before You Drive

Plenty of people have needed roadside assistance in Inglewood CA due to things like drinking and driving, but the federal law in the USA and in the UK says your blood alcohol level can only be 0.08%. In most cases, that is two pints of light ale over about an hour and then no more for the rest of the night. In Costa Rica, you get a custodial sentence if you are caught drunk driving, but your blood alcohol needs to be 0.75%. Compare that to 0.08%, and you can see why people drive so slow in Costa Rica, although that could have something to do with Costa Rica’s speeding tickets being especially expensive (in the hundreds of dollars usually).

Check Underneath Your Car

In Denmark, the country has been so beset with no-win no-fee lawsuits that they have instigated some truly odd laws. One of the oddest is that a person must check under their car before setting off on a journey. This may sound like a crazy law, but it was created to try to stop lawsuits where people were throwing everything from their bikes to their kids under cars in order to win very large compensation claims from car insurance companies.

You Cannot Run Out of Fuel on a Motorway

Before German became a nanny state, it came out with some pretty awesome laws. One of them is that there are no speed limits on motorways. The socialist nanny state wanted to change this, but the Germans hung on to their no-speed limit motorways like Americans hang on to their guns. So, in a cruel move, the government made it illegal to run out of fuel on a motorway and then increased restrictions on motorway gas stations. This meant that faster and more fuel hungry cars had to depart the motorway more often to find fuel. It is a place where roadside assistance in Inglewood CA wouldn’t be able to help you.

You Cannot Drive a Dirty Car

In Russia, if you have a dirty car and you drive it, you are able to be fined and even prosecuted if you are a repeat offender. Can you imagine being in the USA and having to call roadside assistance in Inglewood CA because your car was dirty? Of all the reasons to set up this law, it turns out it was set up simply to get more funds to the police. Their say is final, which means they could pick cars at random and fine them, and the drivers had no chance for appeal. In order to quash public outcry, the Russian government started a scheme where if you get a speeding ticket, you can pay it within 20 days and receive a discount. The move was so successful that people started speeding more, and police received more funding as a result.

Final Thoughts – Insurance is not so Bad

When you consider the people driving around drunk, or with dirty cars, or with children dragging under their wheels, you can probably agree that US road rules are not so bad. The most troubling is probably that most states require you to have insurance. If you do not have car insurance, then get a quote from Mona’s Insurance, and thank your lucky stars you do not live in a country where you are taken to jail for running out of gas on a highway.


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