notary services in Los Angeles

What Do Notary Services in Los Angeles Help You With?

At one point or another in most people’s lives, they will have to go to a notary public who will help them in one way or another. Although often ignored, notaries are very important government officials that serve as certified witnesses at the time of signing important documents. While they might just seem to some as a mere bureaucratic barrier, they actually exist to help civilians and to protect them from fraudulent procedures or actions taken against them. If you are not sure of what notary services in Los Angeles can do for you, here is a quick breakdown of what a notary public can help you with.

Verifying Signers at the Time of Signing Documents

Signatures are, in the eyes of the law, legally binding in and of themselves. This applies to signatures of all types, be them handwritten or digital. However, there are plenty of documents where the signers have to be verified at the time of signing in order to enforce their validity. This applies to property deeds, wills, and powers of attorney, among similar documents where it is important to attest that the signer is indeed who the signature represents and did not sign it under circumstances that could influence the validity of the signature. A notary public verifies the validity of the signature by verifying the signer and making the act official.

notary services in Los Angeles

Certifying the Proper Execution of Important Documents

There are certain documents considered life-changing in the lives of private citizens. These are often documents that combine both the personal and financial aspects of an individual under circumstances that might alter them significantly. Real estate documents, prenuptial agreements, powers of attorney, and testaments tend to require a notary public to certify that these are properly executed within the legal and bureaucratic parameters that exist for such operations. There are mandatory steps, such as a requirement of personal appearance and the completion of a corresponding certificate, that need to be taken in order to legalize and eventually enforce the document in question.

Preventing Fraud and Coercion

In order to prevent instances of forged signatures, impersonation, undue influence, or forceful coercion, it is necessary that certain documents with legal and financial repercussions are verified by notaries. After all, without notaries certifying the identities, willingness, conscience, and intent of the signers in question, a lot of people could get away with fraud or extortion through perfectly legally binding ways. By enforcing physical presence at the time of signing life-changing documents, a notary public can issue a corresponding certificate that allows for the present and future execution of the document in question. This prevents unintended legal battles or financial fraud from being committed at the expense of one or more of the signers.

Notary Services in Los Angeles

While some of the stuff outlined above might seem complicated, you don’t have to deal with any of that. That is, after all, the job of a notary public. All you need to do in order to get your documents notarized is to bring proper ID from each party signing the documents with you to the signing at Mona’s Insurance. 

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