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What General Liability Insurance Does Not Cover

If you are starting a business, if you own a business, or you need insurance for your enterprise because you are often hosting to strangers, then you need general liability insurance. If you run a business, you may use this type of insurance to cover medical expenses, attorney fees, and damages you are legally responsible for. Think of it as insurance for yourself. As insurance that can cover you for legal defense costs, even if it was all your fault, as well as offering protection for judgments, court costs, and things of that nature.

What General Liability Insurance Does Not Cover

It is not a variety of insurance that covers your employees. It doesn’t cover injury to your employees, nor does it cover the mistakes that your employees make. This is not a variety of insurance for anything automobile-related. Even if it involves cars parked on your property. 

This insurance doesn’t cover intentional acts, which is different from acts that are your fault. If there is an accident, and even if the accident is your fault and you are being sued, then general liability insurance will cover you. However, if it is found that the problem was your fault because of something you intentionally did, then that is not something for which you will receive cover.

Get Full Details From Your Insurer

As you can imagine, each insurer has its own version of general liability insurance and each covers different things. If you find a very cheap policy, it may be that the policy covers very little, or that the upper limits on payouts are very low. As the insurer is selling to you, they should be pointing out what your insurance covers, but make sure you nail down exactly what it doesn’t cover. 

Try To Get A Customized Insurance Policy

There are some policies that may cover your business very well and very easily, and that is fine. However, if you are having trouble finding something that works, try to figure out a customized policy. Just be careful because hybrid policies and such may end up costing more. For example, you may run your ice cream van at a certain location for most of the summer, but sometimes you may want to drive it to the streets.

If that is the case, then a hybrid general insurance policy may seem like a good idea. Perhaps something that covers you for being located in one area, but also covers you while driving around the streets. However, in these cases, it may simply be better to have a regular general insurance policy and then use temporary insurance on the days you go out driving.

general liability insurance

Find A Good Insurer

It doesn’t matter what type of insurance you buy if you are buying from a poor-quality insurer. It would be like accepting a promise from a liar. Above all, no matter what your needs are with regard to general liability insurance, you need to find a good insurer who offers good value and a fair price. You need a company like Mona’s Insurance, where you can find a good deal on your insurance, for a price that suits your budget.

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