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What is AIS Auto Insurance?

There is a certification called the AIS. It is known as the Associate in Insurance Services (AIS). This is a professional certification in the insurance industry that emphasizes general knowledge about the industry, its products, and its regulatory landscape. If somebody is talking about AIS auto insurance, they may be talking about the certification. On the other hand, there is an insurance company called AIS, so they may be talking about that too; this article covers both.

The Certification is for Insurance Providers

The AIS (the service itself) is administered by The Institutes, which is an organization that is dedicated to providing continuing education and accreditation to insurance professionals. If you come across an insurance company that brags it has AIS, or insurance sellers who claim they have an AIS certification, then they should be knowledgeable about the insurance industry, its products, and so forth. The general feeling is that you should be able to ask these people a variety of insurance questions and get correct answers. Questions like “What is GAP insurance?” or “What difference does it make if I pay my car insurance upfront as opposed to weekly?”

The Certification is Not Required

If you were going into surgery, you would want your surgeon to be fully qualified with all the right types of training, education, and skills. That is not how it works in the insurance business. Your insurer can have AIS certification and training, but it is not required. One of the things offered by the Institutes is training and accreditation for professionals who work in the insurance industry. A course can take between 10 months and 25 months, and it helps to ensure that people enter the insurance industry with all the knowledge and tools they need to do the job correctly.

Why Do People Care About AIS?

The insurance business is pretty wide open for anybody to walk in there and start making sales. There are lots of legal hoops to jump through, especially since few companies have the assets themselves to pay out for claims. Nevertheless, it is not like being a vet or a dentist where there are limitations based on skill and knowledge. Anybody, even the uneducated, can open up an insurance company and start selling insurance. A good and legally-ran insurance company should probably hire people who have AIS certifications. Since there are no skill or qualification limitations in the insurance business, it helps when people have AIS certifications. It shows that they at least know their stuff about insurance, even if they do not have High School qualifications or any experience.

AIS auto insurance

What About the Insurance Company?

As mentioned, there is also an insurance company called AIS, which is a little confusing. If people are talking about the insurance company and not the certification or training, then they are talking about an overpriced multi-national firm. If you are looking for insurance at a better rate, perhaps with a little more coverage without nasty hidden fees, then Mona’s Insurance is the one for you. They offer the same types of insurance as AIS auto insurance, but they do it for a lot less money because their profit margins are smaller. Mona actually offers Auto Insurance Services, which have the initials AIS.

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