Sr-22 Los Angeles

What is Sr-22 Los Angeles Insurance?

An SR-22 is a certificate of insurance, and it proves that you carry car insurance. The world is going more digital these days. For example, in the United Kingdom, a police officer can run your license and knows if you have insurance there and then. However, in many parts of the USA, such as Los Angeles, a certificate of insurance can prove that you have insurance. You may have heard of it being called Sr-22 Los Angeles, or SR 22 car insurance, or a “Certificate of Financial Responsibility” known as a CFR, but they all means the same thing. They mean you have a certain amount of insurance for a certain amount of it.

Having Sr-22 Los Angeles Without Insurance

If you have watched police TV shows or even episodes of Judge Judy, you will know that some people carry around an “SR22” or “SR-22” or “SR 22” or “SR22 form” (they are all the same thing), and yet are still arrested for not having insurance.

The trick is to buy the insurance for a year, get the card or certificate, cancel the insurance, and then carry around the card all year and pretend like you have insurance. The problem is that when police take your card and check your insurance, it says that the insurance is not current. This is a problem because it means you are not insured and are arrestable.

The second part of that trick is that when the police officer comes back, you say, “Oh no, I didn’t know it had lapsed. My payment didn’t go out of the bank.” In most cases, this gets you out of being arrested. Finally, if that doesn’t work, tell the police officer that you do have insurance and that you are being harassed for being of a certain race, or gender, or sexuality. In most cases, this sends the police officers running away for fear of getting a discrimination report on their record. It isn’t pretty, but if you watch enough police TV shows, you will see how often the “Con” is pulled.

Do People Need to Carry an SR22?

It really depends on the state you are living in. Remember that SR22 isn’t actually insurance, it just shows that you have enough insurance coverage. Some will just look up your insurance through your driver’s license, and others will insist that you are carrying some sort of proof that you are insured right there with you. It is similar to how some states insist that you travel with identification or a physical copy of your driving license.

Some states and some police departments will insist that you carry around an SR22 if you have been in trouble in the past. For example, if you have been arrested for drink driving, or perhaps taken a car without consent, you may be ordered to carry an SR22.

You Should Have Insurance

Even if you do not live in a state where insurance is mandatory, you should get insurance because you are driving a powerful and potentially destructive device that could cost lives and cost a lot of property damage. Having insurance from a reputable company like Mona’s Insurance could help keep you out of prison. Plus, at least with Mona’s insurance, you know you are going to get a good deal and plenty of coverage.

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