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What is The Live Scan Service

You have probably seen several social media posts about a live scan in Hawthorne and you are wondering what they are all about. In short, a live scan is a way of checking somebody’s identity, and perhaps even checking to see if they have a criminal record.

Why Are Live Scans So Popular?

Let’s say you want to check up on somebody, perhaps check up on an adult babysitter. You can ask for documents, but the US has a massive problem with people entering the country illegally and using fake documents to get by. The quality of fake documents in the USA is now world renown, so you cannot always trust what you see on documents.

However, it is difficult to fake fingerprints. If somebody has done something in the past, such as breaking the law and has had his or her fingerprints taken, then that database can be accessed through a live scan in Hawthorne.

Finding a Person’s True Identity

The thing is that fingerprint information follows people through their life. There are times when somebody’s criminal history is wiped off the public records, but for the most part, if you are dealing with an ex-bank robber, then a fingerprint scan will tell you about it. Also, you could find out if somebody committed a crime very recently.

Catching scammers through fingerprinting is far easier. The thing about scammers is that they often operate very frequently. They are the sort of people who are arrested in the morning, released by lunch, and are back at their scam in the evening. Live scans are very good for telling you what crimes people have been convicted of very recently.

Does This Mean You Do Not Trust People?

Getting a live scan fingerprint test is not about trust. The fact is that you have no way of knowing what a person does with his or her time, and if you are about to put your kids near this person, or you about to hire this person, you need to know they are not being frequently arrested for crimes that may put your business or your loved ones in danger.

Plus, the person you are talking to should be honest about his or her criminal history. If you find something out through a live scan, something that the other person didn’t tell you, then the biggest crime is that the person is dishonest. You could have probably accepted that person if that person had been honest. In short, getting somebody scanned is a way to find out if that person is honest.

What Should You Do Next?

You will need to have that person scanned, but you can often send them to the test center yourself. It is best if you go with that person yourself to double-check that he or she is taking the test, but it is not a problem in most cases.

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