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Why Did My Live Scan Results Come Back As Low Quality?

Let’s say you have just run an Inglewood live scan and your live scan results came back as low quality. It can be a little jarring at first since it almost feels like a criticism. Nobody likes having their fingerprint submissions criticized. Yet, the term “Low Quality” result doesn’t mean what it sounds like in this case. It is actually a generic umbrella term for a print that was rejected for unknown reasons. It is beyond the capacity of the print-recognition software to figure out why a scanned print failed to be recognized, so the government throws out the word “Low Quality.”

What Prompts The Low-Quality Rejection

The print is scanned, and a piece of software has to match its lines and swirls with a massive database. When the movie “Seven” was made by David Fincher in 1995, they actually state that the software takes days to get a result. These days, massive US databases can be scanned in hours. Still, the software is limited in its capacity. It needs recognizable lines and swirls to use. If there are not enough, then it cannot do its job.

What Causes Poor Quality Results?

If you are dealing with amateurs for your Inglewood live scan, then the reason why your prints were rejected may be the technique being used. It is possible to mess up the scan in a way that causes an automatic fail. There are also other factors that may damage a person’s fingerprints so that they are unrecognizable.

Ethnicity plays a role, as some people have softer, more easily-worn skin that others. There are certain jobs that damage fingerprints, from bar persons who handle citrus fruits, to people who handle paper all day.

Many types of sports can easily ruin a person’s fingerprints, from rock climbing to weightlifting. Several types of musical instrument have been known to ruin fingerprints, such as the guitar and the violin. People who frequently handle chemicals and disinfectants have also been known to have very worn fingerprints, and sometimes a person’s age may cause a rejection because it is too wrinkly, or the lines have been worn away.

On some occasions, people with overly dirty hands or oily hands may fail their live scan test. It is important that the live scan operator also gives advice on what to do when a live scan test has failed, otherwise people feel that they have been cheated (which is a pretty valid feeling considering the circumstances).

Final Thoughts – Failing to Fix the Problem

Live scan tests being rejected is pretty common, and even though it is very inconvenient, it is not a big deal. Quite often, a re-scan after some preparation is all that is required. Simply taking care of your skin a little prior to the test, letting the lines in your skin regrow, is all that is needed to ensure a better text next time.

If your live scan results are coming back with notes that they are low quality, then you can feel at home with the other 750,000 failed live scans per year across the USA. That is around 42 per state per day. Mona’s Insurance provides multi-agency interactions with live scan fingerprinting submissions to the California DOJ (Department of Justice). Trust us, and your Inglewood live scan test results will take a sharp turn in a positive direction.



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