Roadside Assistance Inglewood CA

Why Do You Need Roadside Assistance Inglewood CA?

According to recent surveys, there are 69 million vehicle breakdowns that occur each year in the USA alone. That means that one in every three drivers in a developed country is doing to experience some sort of vehicle trouble. You may figure there is some sort of disproportional high number mixed into that survey, perhaps from people with old cars who break down frequently, but remember that breakdown services are required for a variety of situations, from running out of gas or having two tires burst, to highway crashes and hitting deer. The fact is that you will no doubt need Roadside Assistance in Inglewood CA at some point.

Roadside Assistance in Inglewood CA

As hinted in the introduction, it is not just older cars that need roadside assistance. In fact, common terms like “Breakdown assistance” and “Breakdown insurance” have changed over the years into “Roadside assistance” because the word “Breakdown” is a little too loaded.

When people think of breaking down, they think of those poor souls on the sides of highways with their hood bonnet up and smoke gushing from their engines, but most roadside assistance calls have nothing to do with actual breakdowns. In fact, one of the most common reasons for call-outs revolves around keys.

Vehicle Keys in Our Modern Era

People still lock their keys in their cars. They go out for the day, park up in a parking lot and lock themselves out of a car. They either pay massive fees for all-day parking, or they have roadside assistance come out and rescue them.

People still lose their keys. They go visit a small roadside cafe, they lose their keys, the keys are blown into a verge, and the drivers are stuck and forever lost. Better still is the electronic alarm or electric door locks that do not work because the key was damaged or the battery died. It is not like you can run out to a watch repair shop and get a battery because you need to buy replacements from the car manufacturer.

These are just a few ways that keys play a big part in why roadside assistance is called out so regularly. But, what about real mechanical faults, are they still a big deal?

Mechanical Problems With Vehicles

There is actually a slew of problems that can occur with a vehicle that will require roadside assistance. The most common revolve around people not putting enough oil or fluids in their vehicle, and many revolve around problems with weather-related problems, from frozen mechanical parts to overheated ones. From flat tires to cracked windscreens, there are many reasons why somebody would use a roadside assistance service, it is not just about breaking down.

If you have any sort of problem with your car, it is best to have roadside assistance tagged onto your insurance policy. That way, not only do you get roadside assistance. at a better price, but any added work is also covered by your insurance company, which means bigger problems or more costly problems are not going to result in you losing a lot of money. Consider a policy with  Mona’s Insurance and tag on roadside assistance at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone roadside assistance policy.

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