car insurance for high risk drivers

Why is Car Insurance For High Risk Drivers So Expensive?

Modern car insurance for high risk drivers is often so expensive because the bigger companies charge a massive amount, and the smaller companies that would offer you fair prices are so difficult to find. It is all about exposure to the smaller and fairer auto insurance companies.

Larger Companies Dominate The Marketing Platforms

A large insurance company has to weigh up the risks of taking on your high-risk policy. Their solution is a very simple one: if there is more risk, then charge the customer more money. As a high-risk driver, the larger insurance companies will either refuse to insure you, or they will charge you very high and very unfair prices.

The Advertising Platforms

Larger companies have a lot of marketing money and can dominate the marketing platforms. This means that smaller companies, the ones that may insure you for a smaller premium, are unable to get on advertising platforms. They can’t afford to pay dollars per website visitor, so they are pushed off the advertising platforms and have to find less affecting (cheaper) ways to get customers. Even on popular websites, you will see plenty of larger insurance companies, but the smaller companies are nowhere to be seen. You will notice that even when you type in the name of a small insurance company, there are still adverts on Google for other (bigger) insurance companies; and that is true even when you search for a smaller insurance company by name.

The Comparison Websites

This is another area where smaller auto insurance companies are pushed out in favor of larger companies that don’t offer you the sort of prices you can afford. Comparison websites make their money with affiliate fees. When you buy from one of their companies, the company pays them an affiliate fee (like a finder’s fee). Smaller companies cannot pay tens of dollars per lead, so they are not included in comparison website listings. 

Is High Risk Car Insurance That Expensive?

Not really. If you use a smaller company, then they will often offer you a slightly higher (but more reasonable) premium price. The problem is that finding a smaller company is very difficult. Even on Google, the cheaper and smaller insurance companies are buried on the search engine result pages. This is because the bigger companies have teams of people working night and day to get them on the top spot on Google, whereas most smaller companies are struggling to keep their website on the top ten results pages.

When smaller companies take on customers, they do not group people together into broad categories. Instead, they take a look at your history and other factors and then make a more informed decision. They are obviously not going to charge you the same as their super-reliable-no-claims customers, but the prices smaller companies offer are going to be far better than the ones you get from a mainstream brand name insurance companies.

car insurance for high risk drivers

Get A Quote From a Fair Insurance Company

If the quotes you receive for car insurance for high risk drivers are too high, then get in touch with Mona’s Insurance. Get a fair quote for your insurance. Get a quote that actually matches your driving, your situation, and the actual risks involved in your case. Don’t pay overinflated prices because there are plenty of smaller companies out there that can help you.

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