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Why is Inglewood Car Insurance So Expensive?

Wait a moment, is Inglewood car insurance all that expensive? Have I been paying more for insurance than other people? Is there some sort of loophole or reason as to why my insurance is higher than other peoples’ insurance? In truth, the people of California are paying far more than most other states. The state laws are so deeply in bed with the bigger insurance companies that they can charge whatever they want and people will have to pay it.

Is it the Government’s Fault?

Not the central government. Whether you love or hate them, it is not them, it is the state government that is to blame for getting into bed with the larger insurance companies and pushing out the smaller companies.

Smaller companies like Mona’s Insurance are indeed able to set up shop and run a fair business, but smaller companies struggle in such a toxic environment. The larger companies can pile massive amounts of money into advertising because they can afford it. Whereas the smaller companies that charge a fair price are pushed out of all advertising platforms because they cannot afford to spend hundreds of thousands per month on promotional adverts.

Inglewood Car Insurance

Is The Crime Rate to Blame?

In California, you are the one paying for the sins of your neighbor. California has one of the least funded and least supported police forces in the country. The state government decided that the police do not matter, so their concerns and their funding problems go undressed.

This means that there is more car crime, speeding, crashing, fires, and theft. All of which are things that push up insurance quotes. In addition, such crime numbers make it easier for insurance companies to justify their stupidly high fees.

You Are Paying for Nature’s Wrath

There are a few places in the USA where car insurance costs are higher because of nature itself. Be it problems with flooding, or problems with tornadoes, some states simply get a bad deal because nature likes to smash up cars.

In the case of California, there are still insurance companies paying off the debts they gained from earthquake damages. There are heat and drought-related problems, including things like fires and such. The odd thing is that many insurance companies do not pay out for acts of nature, so when there is an earthquake or other natural disaster and a car is damaged, people will often set it on fire or simply dispose of it so that they can claim for it on their insurance. There are several occasions in California where simple smaller disasters have resulted in city-wide fires simply because people start burning their cars to claim on the insurance.

Since the emergency services are too busy with the natural disaster, they cannot investigate any claims of insurance fraud and the people get paid for their fires and damage. The only downside is that insurers then start charging more money and people end up with higher insurance bills. If you are sick of paying too much for Inglewood Car Insurance and you want to put your faith in a fairly-priced insurance company, then put your faith in Mona’s Insurance.

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