Low Cost Notary Public Near Me

Will A Low Cost Notary Public Near Me Cost More?

Why would a low-cost notary public near me cost more than a service from another town, state, or even one you find online? Is there some sort of local-cost service charge similar to that we see in utility bills? Is there a fee or some sort of tax in certain states? Are there laws on how much fees can be in certain states? You may be surprised by the results.

There Are Notary Laws

Take California for example. They have determined that the fees for notary services are around $15 per signature notarized. This is just one example of how notary fees are lower in some areas rather than others.

If the story ended there, then this would be a short article, but if you live in California, you are probably wondering why you paid upwards of $50 to have your document notarized. The sad fact is that many notary services will follow whatever rules there are with regards to notary fees, but will add on their fees, which is technically cheating but is still legal.

Low Cost Notary Public Near Me

Legal Examples of Additional Fees

If you are using a mobile notary, then they can charge you for anything from gas money to the time of day. Similar rules can apply to office-based notaries since they can charge you for their time or even their advice, even if their only advice is “Sign here” or something similar. Here are a few examples of additional fees that are legal, even in states where there is a legal limit to notary fees.

  • Gas money and/or travel distance for mobile notaries
  • Excessive waiting times if you miss your appointment by a certain number of minutes
  • Airport emergency notarization
  • Notary services before 8:00 am and after 8:00 pm
  • Fees for consultations and/or advice given
  • Notary services in local jails

There are also add-on fees. These are yet more ways that a notary can add on a little profit. An example may be something like sending you a printed copy of something and charging far more than the cost of postage and printing.

Add-On Fees That Notaries May Apply

Below is a list of even more examples of add-on fees that local notaries can use to bump up their profits. Again, even if you are living in a state that regulates how much a notary can charge for the notary services it provides, companies and individuals are still able to charge add-on fees for things such as:

  • Local mobile notary to client home
  • In-office (lender or escrow) loan signing
  • Refinance paperwork
  • faxbacks additional costs
  • e-doc’s additional costs
  • Reverse mortgage paperwork
  • Courier services
  • Printing and printing/posting
  • Notary signing cancellation fees
  • Notary signing payment-method fees

These are just a few add-on fees you may be hoisted with when you use a notary service. What you need is a low-cost notary public near me that charges fair prices. One that relies on repeat business and good word-of-mouth marketing rather than gouging people with unfair fees and add-ons. What you need are Mona’s Insurance notary services.

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