Business Insurance

You’re a busy business owner. You want to protect your assets but need more time to research insurance options or negotiate the best policy. We’ve got you covered: Mona’s Auto Insurance is here to ensure that your business is protected from the unexpected with the best coverage at the lowest price—all without hassle or confusion.
Our Business insurance policy allows employers to insure their employees. The policies include health insurance, accidental death insurance, life insurance, and workers’ insurance for compensation. Health insurance protects policyholders from the expense of hospitalization or medical treatment for injuries or illnesses. Insurance for accidental death (life insurance) gives employees insurance in cases of death resulting from accidental injuries but not due to an illness.

The risks of running a business can be high. That's why it's so important to have coverage for your business property. Anything that results in a financial loss, even if you weren't at fault for the damage, we will be covering it all for you.

Workers' compensation insurance protects employers in the event of injuries sustained by employees while on the job. In many states, workers' compensation insurance is required by law for employers with as few as one employee. If you are interested in a free quote for your business insurance, call us at (866) 794-1990.