Classic Insurance

Mona’s Auto Insurance Services can provide great California classic car insurance rates and coverage for many classic cars, from the perfectly restored antique to the new high-performance exotic. We offer complete insurance packages that protect your vehicle against loss or damage from any cause, including fire, smoke, theft, vandalism and natural disasters.
Holding classic and vintage car Insurance enables you to secure the exotic vehicle that is valuable to you. Mona’s classic insurance policy for cars is based on value coverage, meaning that both you and your insurance company agree on the value of your vehicle based on an appraisal. Many classic car insurance companies offer specific coverages, such as showing your car at car shows or having expertise in repairs for exotic cars.

We understand what it takes to protect your special interest vehicles and have the resources to do so. Mona's Auto Insurance tries to offer a wide range of coverage options that meet your needs and budget. If you are interested in a free quote for your classic car insurance, call us at (866) 794-1990.